Native English Teacher

Ms. Maria Henery

Hello Everyone,

I am the NET teacher at Chinese Methodist School, Tanner Hill. My name is Maria Henery. I come from Scotland, which is part of the United Kingdom, also known as the UK and Britain. I have a Bachelor's Degree and a Celta qualification.
Learning is a meaningful and worthwhile endeavor. I love teaching children to learn and gain an education because it helps students to understand and learn about the world they live in and are a part of. It is so exciting to learn about the world we live in! It is a privilege and an honour for me to teach children in Hong Kong, they are very respectful and wonderful human beings!
I have taught at CMSTH now for five years, this is my sixth year.

I love reading. I prefer to read books rather than watch TV. I also like swimming and running. It is good to do some form of exercise to keep fit and healthy.
I love teaching the students at CMSTH. They are happy and well-behaved.  We respect and love each other and this is very important! We work well together to achieve this. We believe a harmonious environment will allow the children to flourish and grow.

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